Honk2014-2616-X2Culture Bank Wollongong’s core purpose is to help create a vital cultural life in the greater Wollongong area. Our aim is to inspire the imagination of our community and galvanize our creativity. Anyone who lives or creates in the Illawarra and wants to:

  • explore a passion
  • initiate an idea
  • make some art or music
  • give a concert
  • tell a story or give a talk
  • write something and share it
  • make a film
  • dance
  • present a comedy routine
  • recite some poetry
  • create something that uniquely expresses life, stories, and shared experience – or, CULTURE!

Just fill out the application form below with information about your self and the details of your project.

What we ask from you the applicant:

  • If your application is successful your project will be supported freely and without conditions from Culture Bank Wollongong.
  • All work produced remains the property of the artist/s.

However we do ask that you show your appreciation for this gift from Culture Bank Wollongong by agreeing to:

  • Conduct your project within six months of receiving the money from Culture Bank Wollongong (unless otherwise negotiated);
  • Keep Culture Bank Wollongong informed about date, times and location/s of your project so that we can be part of an enthusiastic audience and assist you with the promotion of your event;
  • IMPORTANT: You must provide Culture Bank Wollongong with high resolution images of your activity/event in order to better promote ourselves. Your ideas provide our greatest marketing tool! Videos and other materials are also welcome for promotion.
  • Acknowledge Culture Bank Wollongong in any marketing & publicity material promoting your activity (this could be in the form of the CBW logo or in any other creative way that you feel will demonstrate our support for your project). This means remembering to tag# images used in social media which depict projects Culture Bank has supported.
  • Applicants must have a valid ABN and be able to provide Culture Bank with an invoice.
CULTURE BANK ANNOUNCES A NEW FUNDING ROUND – Open 1 Nov & closes 30 Nov at 6pm (sharp) 2017

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