From the Book of Honk, 2014

You and other interested members of the public contribute $10 per month or $120 per year to Culture Bank Wollongong.  The money contributed will be allocated to inspired cultural projects –  art, poetry, music, circus, books, theatre, or just plain good ideas. The more people who join Culture Bank, the more funds available to spend on creating and enhancing the cultural life everyone wants to enjoy in our community.

So spread the word amongst your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours and lets build a culture fund.

Maybe you are one of those who could benefit from our money?  Culture Bank will support all types of creativity, people of all ages and all backgrounds.  You do not need to be a member to apply for funds.

Once you are a member of Culture Bank you can choose how you want to be involved. You can choose to be an active member and be involved in deciding which projects receive our financial support.  Lively dinners will be held on a regular basis where members will discuss the projects that are submitted, and share great food and wine. Active members will be able to volunteer for these decision dinners. A new group of 9 members will be randomly selected for each dinner.

Alternatively you can opt for simply receiving invitations to the events Culture Bank Wollongong has supported throughout the year.




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