Family Membership Members make a contribution to Culture Bank from $20 per month or an upfront payment of $240 per year. Becoming a Culture Bank member is very easy.

Just fill in the form located here.

Once you become a ‘Family’ Member of Culture Bank Wollongong, we will in effect salute you! You will be one of the growing numbers of locals, who recognise the importance of living in a vibrant culturally active community. Together we have already been making a real difference, and we will continue to grow from strength to strength. Our plan is to have at least 2000 members, which will mean an excess of $240,000 to give to inspiring cultural projects each year. Imagine that!

  • You choose how much you want to be involved. You will receive invitations to decision dinners and to the events that Culture Bank has financially supported.
  • You will receive monthly statements for tax-deductible purposes.
  • You (family members 15 years and over) can participate in deciding which local cultural projects receive our support by attending lively Together we share a great meal and discuss the funding applications, and vote on the projects that are submitted.
  • All members are invited via email and Facebook to attend the Decision Dinners (approximately 3 per year) and a new group of 9 members takes part on each occasion.
Please note: Memberships and payments can be cancelled at any time. However, our memberships are not refundable.


“The Culture Bank award will help us to tap into and reinvigorate the rich Macedonian music culture that was extremely strong in the 1980s in Wollongong. It enables a cultural exchange that we hope is more than simply cultural tourism on our behalf.”

Lotte Latukefu, director of HONK! Oz

“Culture Bank funding was the difference between trying to spread word through a tangled word of mouth grapevine and being able to create an epic website with a cool little green man as our logo to really make our presence felt in the local community.”

Chloe Higgins, director of the Wollongong Writer’s Festival